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Find a San Francisco Divorce Lawyer who Has a Strong Background in Divorce Law to Speed Up the Filing Process

Don’t Wait to File if You’ve Made Up Your Mind

If you decide to get a divorce in San Francisco or anywhere in the state of California, the process can take a while. That’s why you need to align yourself with a San Francisco divorce lawyer who has a strong background in the field. From the date of filing, a divorce in California can take as long as six months to become finalized. So, if you have made up your mind to seek a divorce, you’ll need to talk to a lawyer immediately.

Retain an Attorney to Make the Filing Process Easier

One of the firms in the San Francisco area that has a good reputation in this regard is the Heath-Newton LLP. Not only does the firm handle dissolutions of marriage, they also are specialists in pre-marital contracts, custody disputes, and spousal and child support issues as well. Because a divorce can involve a lot of upset and emotion, you need to find an attorney who can remain objective during the filing process.

Custody and Filing Issues can Be Handled more Easily when You Retain the Services of a Lawyer

Using the services of a lawyer too can help you better decide what you want to do with respect to asset distribution and child visitation and custody. As there are various alternatives available with respect to custody, you’ll need to decide which option will best fit your lifestyle and the needs of your children or child.

Indeed, going through a divorce can be a trying process. That’s why you shouldn’t go through the filing alone or try to handle matters yourself. To make sure you obtain a just settlement and make informed decisions, you need to retain legal counsel.

While some people do go ahead and file for divorce without the benefit of a lawyer, they often find not doing so can end up costing them in the long run. Better to pay the associated legal costs upfront than find out later there is an issue that could have been easily covered initially.

Make it Your Goal to Obtain an Amicable Settlement

If assets are involved or you have a child or children, you need to sit down with an attorney and outline a plan with respect to distribution and custody. Think about your level of involvement in the process. What type of outcome do you want to achieve? An attorney can help you lay out the parameter so you can settle your differences fairly and amenably.

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